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We are an all-inclusive event management and wine consultancy company that focuses on both the big picture and the intricate details to transform wine into an experience beyond the drink in your glass and engage your heart, spirit and mind.

"I was mesmerised by the wines, stunning images and powerful music"

Diana Khoo, Spa Magazine

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Wine Oracle is a global leader in wine education

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Wine is a technical subject but we excel at distilling the technical into the approachable. Whether you simply want your wine reviewed or to level up your staff’s wine knowledge, we create a full-bodied experience that is fun, warm and inclusive.

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Wine Oracle programs and events aim to foster long-term relationships between clients and customers, utilising personalised, meaningful experiences that engage all the senses. Blending sumptuous cuisine, exquisite wines, music and art.

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"When I needed an exceptional wine expert to host a special trip to Champagne and Burgundy, Dr Ron Master of Wine was my first choice. His organisational skills, knowledge and passion for wine were all first class! All our guests were effusive about the event and agreed that having Dr Ron MW to host it was a masterstroke"

George Kurtz


Dr Ron Georgiou – one of only 415 Masters of Wine worldwide

Master of Wine

Ron Georgiou – one of only 415 Masters of Wine worldwide and one of only 25 in Australia – is a global leader in wine education merging out of the ordinary concepts and high-end expertise to continually deliver fascinating new experiences.

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Our events are memorable and sensorially rich encounters. From extravagant 3D wine productions to enchanting themed dinners to fun-filled wine game nights.


Engage the technical expertise and guiding hand of a Master of Wine to help you navigate the intricacies and nuances of all things wine.

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Dr Aniello Iannuzzi, Vigneron

With every new vintage we make a point of sending a selection of our wines to Dr Ron Georgiou MW, the Wine Oracle for tasting and appraisal. We respect the fact that the Wine Oracle is fearless with his assessments, not scared to call out faults and also not scared to praise excellence. The Wine Oracle is not sullied by commercial conflicts of interests, mateships or favours. For us, it is an essential element to our quality improvement process.

Diana Khoo, Spa Magazine

It was the best wine event I've ever attended and I was mesmerised by the wines, stunning images and powerful music

D. Wasserman, PR consultant

The night was a fantastic success. I have received several phone calls from attendees on the night stating that this was one of the most successful functions they had been to in recent memory. I thank both you and Beverly for your professionalism and seamless efforts in making the event a real winner.

K.M International Association Paediatric Dentistry

We've arrived back home now and the Conference was a fantastic success. The VIP dinner was absolutely outstanding and you have captured the hearts and imagination of all those who attended !!! You are absolute class !!!

JL, ING Asia

Ron is a great person to work with. He's always full of interesting ideas in putting ING's events together.

Caroline Russell, CEO Boh Plantation

Thanks for a truly wonderful night. ‘Soul of the World’ was a marvelous production. An absolutely superb dinner, delicious wines and entertaining show. It was an evening not to be missed.

Nils-Arne Schroeder, General Manager Hilton, Beijing Wangfujing

I wanted to drop you a note to thank you personally for making the 2 events here Beijing to a full success. There were many factors involved in both events; but with your professionalism we managed to deliver a great experience for our guests & media who attended the evenings to celebrate the opening of our hotel.

Estee So

The theme for the night was really unique. A wine oracle production and show blending sumptuous cuisine, exquisite wines and arts.The whole dinner experience brought us to the world's most exciting cities such as Paris, Madrid, Venice, New Orleans and Buenos Aires, all through spectacular visuals, music and dance.

Andrew Caillard MW

At the most recent Masters of Wine seminar held in Melbourne in January this year, Ron had nearly 50 people, myself included, completely mesmerised by his clear thoughtful and skillful wine analysis.

Oliver Tang, ING Asia Private Bank

The wine dinner has been recognized as a great success and our guests and Bing our CEO agreed that it was a very well run event. Your support and charm certainly made the occasion very appetizing for all who participated (including me)! People think that the event is warmer and more personal than all other events we have run so far.

Flavours magazine, Malaysia

The Passion of Wine event has brought back elegance and thrill to the city of Kuala Lumpur

A. Tunny, Marketing & Events Consultant Sydney, Australia

Working with Ron and The Wine Oracle was one of the most worthwhile investments made by the company in it's client retention and acquisition program and provided an upmarket and unique experience for all.

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