The Wine Oracle, a global leader in wine education

Delivering international wine consultancy services and immersive, full-sensory corporate wine events.

The Wine Oracle, a global leader in wine education
Dr Ron Georgiou – one of only 415 Masters of Wine worldwide
Unique wine programs for Airlines
Down-to-earth Master of Wine

The knowledge to deliver a world-class wine event and the experience to make it accessible and enjoyable, from wine novices to wine professionals.

Engaging all the senses

Art, music, food and wine are seamlessly brought together to create a multi-sensory, interactive and thoroughly immersive experience.


Evolving the way people see wine by creating an intuitive, unexpected, memorable occasion.

Unique wine programs for Airlines
Wine Oracle Dr Ron Georgio Master of Wine

Our story

The Wine Oracle is a Sydney-based wine consultancy committed to delivering unique, creative and unexpected solutions for our clients. The company was founded in 2000 by Ron Georgiou – one of only 415 Masters of Wine worldwide and one of only 25 in Australia.

Specialising in concept, design, and management of wine programs and events on a world-wide stage, our mission is to add magic to your wine program and ultimately build your bottom line.

We have been privileged to work with some of the world’s leading resorts, prestigious hotels and luxury brands both in Australia and internationally to create exceptional and rewarding projects for our clients.

We are a passionate, talented team with an extensive network of global contacts, who work closely with you to connect, engage and evolve your brand through wine.

Dr Ron Georgiou – one of only 415 Masters of Wine worldwide
Experience wine on a whole different level

Dr Ron Georgiou MW

One of only 415 Masters of Wine worldwide and one of 25 Australian Masters of Wine, Ron has been described as the wine industry’s very own Superman: a Dentist by day, a Master of Wine by night. Ron sees the contrasts between these two roles as one of the keys to his success as he merges out of the ordinary concepts and high-end expertise to continually deliver fascinating new experiences.

Ron began his Masters of Wine study programme in 1996, which is considered one of the world’s most difficult education programs (the course has a 93% failure rate). After four years of extensive study and dedicated ‘wine education’ travel, Ron received the title of Master of Wine in 2000. This signifies the highest level of educational achievement for the wine industry in the world.

Over the last 23 years Dr Georgiou has worked with luxury hotels, airlines, retail and corporate clients around the globe. He has worked closely with a number of high-profile chefs including Gordon Ramsay and Luke Mangan, developing award-winning programs and wine cellars, including the Glass Bistro in Sydney and the world’s first underwater cellar in the Conrad Resort and Spa Maldives.

Our vision is to connect and engage people and businesses by delivering memorable, immersive, and transformative wine experiences that are accessible to all.

Professional, competent and reliable

Broad knowledge and experience backed-up by technical expertise and qualifications.


A glittering experience, every time.


Making wine accessible for all to understand and enjoy, without complexity or technicality.


Guide clients using easy to understand language that informs and grows confidence.


Committed in heart and mind, to always deliver at the highest level, and to never stop learning.

The Wine Oracle - delivering passion, knowledge, memorable and immersive multisensory experiences on a global scale. Experience wine on a whole different level